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We are happy to announce that Horse & Rider in Motion will be organized for the third time at Aino riding center, Järvenpää, Finland. This time we have top names like professor Hilary Clayton, Dr. Sarah Jane Hobbs, Susanne von Dietze and Tuulia Luomala giving us lecturers and practical riding demonstrations and lessons. Our aim is to help get the scientific research integrated into horse training and this information out to the public so that people can better understand what good horse training is and what will create a healthy durable happy athlete. The event is suitable for all horse people from the hobby rider to the professionals in the field.

Susanne von Dietze-Pollak: Rhythm  – Balance  –  Suppleness.  The  secret  keys  of light,  invisible  and  effective  aids.
Hilary Clayton: Biomechanics of the gaits and movements of riding horses

Hilary Clayton riding demo
Sarah Jane Hobbs&Hilary Clayton:When the Hoof Meets the Ground
Tuulia Luomala: topic to come

Sarah Jane Hobbs: Balance  strategies:  Methods  of managing  balance  
Hilary Clayton: Causes  and  effects  of  gait  asymmetry.  
Tuulia Luomala: topic to be announced later

The tickets can be bought from the ticketshop that you can find from here>

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