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Kiitos inspiroivista luennoista Susanne von Dietze

When I was invited to this conference by Hevosalan edistämisyhdistys ry. I knew at once that this conference title is up my alley. I was very happy I could fit it in my busy time table.

Arriving on Friday we had a very nice welcome dinner where the different people presenting papers could meet and exchange their ideas. This was a very warm and good first meeting and made me curious to listen to the other presentations too. I was not disappointed. It is one of the beautiful things of this kind of conferences that it is possible to meet other people that you normally never have time to meet. The cross-discussions between presenters is often a source for new ideas and continuing research! And for me it was touching that Elizabeth Uhl and Jean Luc Cornille had some slides in their presentations that I was using in mine too. Talking about Tensegrity and Fascial connection… It just hardens your own ideas and shows that research and work all over the world is coming to similar solutions. Studying movement is digging deeper and deeper into layers of understanding how complex and beautiful movement really is!

The conference was held in a very special venue. Having a mix of an exhibition, lectures and practical demonstrations allowed everyone to attend and see many important things. Having a coffe-lunch place located central between the two main riding halls was allowing to warm up a bit and still stay connected with what was going on. Of course when things happen parallel it sometimes is hard to decide where to go… but this is the price for offering a lot in only 3 days!

People attending the conference where eager to learn, asked good questions and hopefully could go home with more ideas for solutions.

In spite of the crispy cold temperatures it was a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with the wish to learn.

A very motivating conference and I will be happy to come back again.

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